Our objective in this upcoming training will be focus on helping these people to overcome their fear and provide specific case studies for them to practice during the class. The agents will then be asked to present their case study to the group, allowing them to share and learn from one another and improve their financial planning skills. They will also be asked to work on the calculation and learn how to present it out.

Our facilitators will be there to assist and share with them how the case study should be presented and what should be avoided during the presentation. This training will be done 4 times in a month, the first lesson will be
PFP – Pitch and the next 3 lessons will be
PFP – Plan & Present. Attendees need not attend all but it will be good if you can. This training will repeat every month for more to learn.

The facilitators, Kelvin Fong, Kelly Lim, Alex Goh, Gaynor Lim & Alvin Low are selected for this program, as these are the agent who has been successfully restructuring their client’s property portfolio. We’re honoured to have them on board to share and give us pointers on how they used these skills to help their clients and translate it to commissions for themselves.